Following a successful funding bid we will be setting up the ’We Dig No Dig‘ project to support the development of ‘Incredible Edible’ style veg beds around Bridport growing food free to harvest. This BFM project is devised and run by Rachel Millson and Julie Penfold, both BFM Ambassadors.
Incredible Edible, now an international network, was started by two friends in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, to address food poverty and foster resilience and cohesion in the face of economic and climate shocks. 


Rachel and Julie said: “We will use the No-Dig method in order to increase crop yields, maintain soil structure and the soil-life web and reduce carbon emissions.
Central to the project is the creation of a demonstration site to support efficient compost-making across Bridport making use of local waste materials.


We will also set up and maintain a demonstration No-Dig bed and provide residents with information and support for setting up their own beds around the town.”
Look out for more info on the ‘We Dig No Dig Bridport’ Facebook page.
Thanks to Wessex Water community fund for support to this project. Read their article here:

photo credits Pete Millson