The Edible and Forest Garden (EG2) at Bridport Primary School is developing slowly thanks to the volunteers. We could certainly do with more help as and when people have time. We look forward to the children, school and the community getting more involved at the start of the Autumn Term. What a magnificent space this is and how much growing and learning is going to be possible. We have built the compost bed areas, made space for the new shed (still funding to raise here) and the Polytunnel is on its way. Thanks to all who have made this possible.

Teresa Perrella and Sarah Wilberforce are trying to get ahead and plan events for EG1 (St. Mary’s) and EG2(BPS); so that the school children can participate through planning their garden, volunteers can join in practically and fund raising happens in their community.

A date to ‘launch’ EG2 at BPS? We think this could be linked up with World Food Day which is on October 16th – maybe Saturday afternoon? The theme this year is: ‘The need to support our food heroes – farmers and workers throughout the food system’. This would be an occasion to involve the whole community in covering the polytunnel and provide a meal for all the helpers.

A date for EG1 at St. Mary’s could be a special event when they have their Harvest Festival – usually at the beginning of October. We could start a fundraising scheme at that time too, and work with their PTA. We were very successful when we did this two years ago. Their Fruit Orchard and Hedgerow was planted during lockdown and is now thriving through the nurture of the EG team. There is established good links with staff at St. Mary’s and we will continue the Wednesday afternoon sessions gardening and cooking – rotating a class through each half term.

We do not plan to have weekly but fortnightly at BPS, on a Friday afternoon. We need to drum up more support there, which should be easier once term time starts. There is no doubt, in these present times, that learning to grow food and eat healthily outdoors is crucial for our children. Do get in touch with Sarah here if you can help in any way.

Photos: Robert Golden. Project developed through HOME in Bridport, Transition Town Bridport and Opera Circus UK.