About Us

Bridport Food Matters is a communication and information network which aims to be a catalyst for positive change and a provider of information on food matters in the Bridport area. Our priorities include: increasing local production and demand, affordable access, healthy eating, sustainable cultivation methods, and food security in response to climate change. We are currently a partnership between Bridport Local Food Group, Seeding our Future and Transition Town Bridport. If you’d like to support us, please sign up for our free newsletter and attend our events, spread the word about BFM among your contacts, and contact us if you can provide active help in any way.

Bridport Local Food Group

Bridport Food Matters stall on Farmers’ Market, December 12 2020

The Bridport Local Food Group was established in 2004. It is a not-for-profit group run by a committee of dedicated volunteers with the aim of promoting and supporting the areas fantastic food and drink industry as well as encouraging and inspiring everyone to eat healthily and to eat local. The showcase event is the annual Bridport Food Festival held in June which celebrates our local producers, food & drink retailers and hospitality businesses. For more information visit www.bridportfoodfestival.co.uk, follow on Facebook @bridportfoodfestival,Twitter @BridportFoodfst, Instagram @Bridportfood.

Seeding our Future

Seeding our Future is a small non-profit project, based in Bridport, whose aim is to help communities, individuals, and essential services like the NHS to raise their resilience to handle climate change and other challenges.

Since late 2019, one of SoF’s main projects is helping to raise food security for the local community, working in partnership with other local organisations, especially Bridport Local Food Group and Transition Town Bridport. They are exploring and consulting on these issues with producers, consumers, home growers and retailers and caterers. Their activities have included commissioning research, setting up an Ambassador Allotment scheme, workshops and newsletters.

For more information on Seeding our Future and their other projects, see www.seedingourfuture.org.uk/.

Transition Town Bridport

Transition Town Bridport is working towards a more sustainable Bridport and promoting the journey of transition from oil dependency to resilience through a number of initiatives. TTB is part of the wider Transition Network, was formed in 2009, has about 250 local contacts, and has organised many local events. For details, see website.


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