Bridport has a reputation as a foodie centre, but how solid is our local food security? Several local organisations believe we need to grow and buy more of our produce locally: you can find out more at their stall on Barrack Street in the December 12 Farmers Market.

The main problem from climate change for Britain in coming years will be food supply shortages, and food price increases. The Bridport community has a real chance to improve the security of its food supplies, prepare for further impacts from climate change, strengthen the local economy and provide for those needing food support in these times of uncertainty. The good news for Dorset is that we can grow more of the food we need.

The stall is jointly organised by Bridport Local Food Group, Transition Town Bridport, and Seeding Our Future, who are a local group helping communities respond to climate change. The initiatives underway include Allotment Ambassadors to help home growers, a Bridport Food Hub to offer resources, affordable cooking classes and lots more, and launching a Dorset Diet to encourage us to buy 80% of our food within 25 miles of home. The stall will also demonstrate the Community Cooking Kit.

In Barrack Street on Saturday December 12, you can find out more about what’s planned, add your suggestions, and see how you could get involved. For more information, see or contact Alan Heeks: 07976