Online briefing and discussion:
Tuesday January 12, 7.00-8.30pm

Organised and hosted by Transition Town Bridport and Seeding our Future

Our food supply is more fragile than it appears. Some 40% of our food comes from abroad,
and depends on good harvests, stable climate and frictionless borders. Covid, Climate
Change and Brexit are make feeding Britain even more precarious.

  • 90% of our food is controlled by just 8 companies (Tesco’s controls around 30%).
  • Farmers and other producers only get 5-6% of the value of the food
  • UK self-sufficiency has declined from 80% from 60% in the last thirty years.
  • Over 8 million people in Britain are in food poverty
  • The food supply is highly unequal, and ‘cheap’ food is often unnutritious and stuffed with sugars and starch.

In this zoom meeting we will look at some solutions to these problems as they relate to

  • Caroline Walker will present an overview of UK’s current fragile food security, and how we can respond, drawing on Tim Lang’s book, Feeding Britain.
  • Robert Golden will speak about his forthcoming film, This Good Earth, due to be premiered on 21 January, which explores links between food security and the climate crisis.
  • Kathy Dare of Bridport Local Food Group will explain BLFG’s plans for 2021.
  • Sarah Wilberforce of Transition Town Bridport will report on the Edible Garden project at St Mary’s School and the glut stall initiative.
  • Alan Heeks will give highlights of Seeding our Future’s local initiatives on food security, including Ambassador Allotments, a possible Bridport Food Hub, and plans to launch the Dorset Diet.

Click here for a report on the presentations and discussion.