Bridport Community Shed
20th May 10-12
Plant swaps are informal gatherings bringing local gardeners together to share the bounty of their spring sowings.
The 20th May this year, sees the return of a plant swap that has previously been held in Bucky Doo and this year follows on from the Seed Swap held in January that has been happening now in Bridport for 10 years. 

Gardeners and allotmenteers can re-home the surplus seedlings and plants they have grown on, by bringing them to the plant swap.  Growers thereby have the opportunity to pass on their surplus, while also being able to pick up plants they may not have thought to grow before, and to help eachother out. 

These events provide a valuable forum for sharing knowledge on local growing conditions and varieties that thrive well. Gardeners can celebrate their successes and commiserate with one another on shared challenges.
The Bridport Plant Swap was originally instigated by Jude Hopkins of Plan B, the local group founded to support local ecological endeavours. Earlier this year at a Community Food Hub meeting organised by Bridport Food Matters, Debbie Smith, previously of Watercleaves Pre-school and now central to the team organising the Children’s tent at the Bridport Food Festival, was talking with Eileen Haste, trustee of the Community Shed and one of the seed swap organisers. Remembering the success of the plant swap together, they decided to reinvigorate it this year.
Debbie Smith says, “We’re really looking forward to bringing the Plant Swap back to Bridport’s gardening calendar and in memory of Jude too who was so proactive in initiating local gardening projects. The theme of the food festival this year is “think local “and the children’s tent is focused on “who shares wins”.  The Plant Swap is a wonderful example of much we can all benefit if we aim to share our skills and experiences.”
Bridport Community Shed will host the event this year, where there is ample space in the sheltered yard to display the plants, with support from us (Bridport Food Matters).
Visitors to the event will be able to bring a plant or seedlings to swap or simply come along and take plants in exchange for a donation to the Bridport Community Shed and Bridport Food Matters. 

In addition, Sustainable Bridport’s Edible Garden projects that run vegetable gardens at both St Mary’s school and Bridport Primary will be there with a stall selling their abundance of plants to raise funds for their projects.
The event runs between 10-12 and coincides with the Charter Fair running just 100 metres down the lane at the Millennium green. A day set to be brimming with abundance and possibilities.
For more info call Eileen on 07879 280334
or email

To find the Community Shed visit for directions.