The Food Stall at St Swithuns is still going strong, some 8 months after it was started! The need seems to be there and has grown, so we have tried to vary the stock by using donation money to buy in certain items over and above the food donations we get each week.

During the Easter Holidays we had three specials: the first with toys and baby/toddler clothes and wonderful cakes from the WI. The next was a delicious veggie lasagne prepared by Kitty Ford. Then a Caribbean Food extravaganza with Jerk chicken and squash by Amanda and gang from St Mary’s school, accompanied by some reggae music!

We have initiated an appeal called “Raid Your Larder” to encourage people to have a clear out of cans and dried goods and we have had a good response. Any more would be welcome. With the new growing season in full swing we are starting to get fresh local produce including rhubarb and spinach, again any more surplus is welcome.

As well as other food specials we are also planning a cooking equipment event to complement Rachel Millson’s wonderful recipe booklet, including useable clean kit and some basic kits to help people have what they need. These could also be aimed at students going off the Uni soon.

We could not have done any of this without the support of local shops, the other Food initiatives, Hopeful Hampers and Cupboard Love; and the amazing team of volunteers!